Segment 2 : How to use images to boost your exposure, gain more opportunities and make an impact with your audience today on the Music Marketing Insider podcast.

If you have been trying to market your music or entertainment brand on social media, you’ve probably already seen the difference that quality photography can make. 
Images make a huge difference in all areas of your career.

I want to emphasize that if you are not producing professional grade photo’s at least 3 times a year, you are not going to do as well as an artist who is. 

Having professional images filtering through your social media pages to represent you is an enormous factor in your success over a years time. Professional photography says something about you. It tells people that you are taking your career seriously and that you care about your brand.

Let’s look at social media for instance.

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If you landed on a musicians page and they had no cover image, an out of focus thumbnail and a bunch of grainy blurry photo’s coming up on their page, would you join it?

If your not taking your marketing and media seriously, no one will take your music seriously. Here at A.V.A Live Radio, we have found that musicians with excellent photo’s gain more followers more quickly with less work and experience 50X the plays for the same time invested as an unprofessional looking artist.

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