Game Changer: Tom Ford How Our Culture Influences Sales And Effects Creativity

Game Changer: Tom Ford How Our Culture Influences Sales And Effects Creativity

Today’s topic is on creative inspiration and how our culture influences the popularity of what we create. Do you ever feel like your creations just don’t crash through the glass ceiling? Have you ever wondered how some creative people become cultural icons when others burn out after 15 minutes? Do you feel behind the times and you just can’t figure out how to get ahead of the trends? 

How our culture influences the popularity of what we create. 
I was watching a narrative video on Tom Fords career and I found myself drawn in by his theories about creativity, culture of our time and keeping your work relevant in order to be current with your in business. In addition he talked about how these factors contributed to his enormous success in every thing that he’s done at such a young age. Many of you might not be aware of this designer and what he’s achieved by 40 so I’m posting the video I watched for your enjoyment. I think you’ll be inspired by his story and his mind no matter what type of business your in.
One of the concepts he talked about that struck a chord with me was his reference to how he keeps his creative mind current in today’s culture. If you’ve ever created a product, I’m sure you’ve experienced the dreaded moment when you hear the song or you step back and look at the outfit or art work and it suddenly occurs to you that your masterpiece feels dated, like a throwback from a tired old time that we’ve all run out of patience with. It’s at that moment that you feel deflated, a fraud, and a question may run through your mind like: who will ever want to buy this? Or even worse, you have to hear it from someone else who’s opinion you sincerely trust.

I’m not trying to smother your creativity, it’s exactly the opposite. I’m trying to offer you a cure for your frustration and help you to discover your path. The idea that all things have a time, a place and are directly related and influences by the current culture in your immediate world really opened my eyes. It helped to explain why I no longer like particular instruments in my music or why a skirt that I’m designing feels and looks better in a certain length and shape. It even helped me to understand my choices and how I am influenced by what I allow myself to be exposed to.
The things that are happening in the world around us do influence who we are and what we create. He used the example, that during a depression, people tend to buy more black clothing both for emotional and economical reasons. It the 60s-70s when people were more open with their sexuality, the colors and fabrics were lighter more fluid and blouses showed more skin. Then in the 90s things became more covered up and structured which coincided with the increased awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and the countries fear of aids.
There’s no doubt that our culture influences our buying decisions which in turn effects our businesses and the economy. If you asking yourself what am I supposed to learn from this? The lesson is in both our level of exposure to the culture where we are selling our products and how we blend that knowledge with our own creativity. There’s always been a careful balance of trends and tradition in every way in which we express ourselves. And if your making a living on your creativity, but your not bursting through the glass ceiling with your work, you may just want to take some advise from Tom Ford and pay a little more attention to what people around you are enjoying, using and thinking. It’s time for you to find your own creative space within your surroundings, only then can you become a modern icon who influences time and becomes apart of our culture.
Article by: Jacqueline Jax

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