Hot Topic Tuesday: How To Get More Music Fans

Hot Topic Tuesday: How To Get More Music Fans

how to get more music fans ava live radio music marketingAttracting new people to your music can be a full time job. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s not a quick thing.  If your going to be a major force in your field, you have to be willing to put consistent time and thought into your music marketing plan. But if you have spent hours of your precious time creating amazing music, then developing a solid marketing strategy is well worth the effort. Considering that you are here reading this page tells me right away that you are taking your music marketing seriously and you genuinely want to discover how to get results. Over the years of hosting an Indie Music radio show and having assembled and nurtured my own fan base, I have acquired many skills for getting the word out. Even better, I’ve been successful in testing out the hundreds of tips offered up to me from marketing gurus and music industry professionals that I have had the pleasure of partnering with. It is my opinion that the five suggestions that I have carefully selected to tell you about today are valuable to your success.

1) Offer Value to Subscribers: If you want to attracts new fans and encourage a deeper connection with current ones, start an email list to rally your fans around your music. When you personally connect through email, it improves the fan experience. Whether you want your social media followers to get more engaged in your life or you just want to attract more fans, you will get a much better response by offering a reward for handing over their email address. Need ideas for possible rewards and incentives? Free Music.. Who doesn’t love a free download?? People who don’t know you will use the opportunity to get to know you and people who know you but may not be that in touch will enjoy a bonus for opting in to what you have to say. Just don’t abuse your list by sending too many emails. Limit yourself to 1 per week and offer value. My 2 favorite email collectors are Reverbnation & Mail Chimp. Both have free plans to get you started.  (I also have more email tips on content creation and list building – here)

2) Reverbnation: This amazing indie artist network is like a facebook for musicians but with innovative tools to promote your music. Each artist can easily set up their own music profile on the website for free adding pictures, music, videos and social media links all in one place. The network rates really high in indie artist support and engagement between the artists, plus reverbnation has a special department dedicated to bringing in opportunities for the artist to apply for. The best way to gain subscribers on this platform is to navigate the site and connect with the other artists on their pages using the comment and question sections on each page. Typically they are so responsive and open to meeting new people. I also love the convenience of sending them a facebook or twitter message right from the page. (Check out our page and signup for your own page-

3) Youtube: Collaborations & music videos.. If you joined me for my Hot Topic Tuesday Conversation with Youtube Master Adviser Amy Schmittauer from SavvySexySocial. (Listen & Download show here) We filled that show with tons of information for you to build a successful YouTube channel and also gave you a strategy for attracting fans on the platform. As it continues to be the #2 top search engine on the internet, it’s definitely a great place for indie artist to hang out and share your music. Not only that but you can interact with your viewers and other Youtube channels right on the platform. ** Be sure to include your email signup link in the description box of every video and share your video’s on social media at least once a day on each platform. (Find more Tips for Youtube Marketing: here)

4) Social Feeds: Twitter,  Facebook & Instagram – I know you most likely have already started on at least one of these social media meccas but I want to remind you that each social media platform has it’s own network of people. Most people live mainly on one platform so I recommend that you have at least two of them.

Twitter is an amazing tool to get instant results just by interacting with anyone you find in the news feeds. Use hashtags to locate people interested in #IndieMusic – #NewMusic – #IndieArtist (Great twitter content ideas here)

Facebook is a bit tougher to gain fans on the platform. You pretty much have to use your personal profile to gather people then invite them to your music page. Tracking #hashtags to locate possible music fans is a great way to add to a trending conversation in a similar way that you do on twitter but you will definitely need to comment on other peoples content if you want to get any response. That’s why they call facebook a time suck. It requires alot of attention and maintenance. Facebook does have a great built in tool for scheduling posts that I find very helpful in maintaining a consistent page presence. Just click the arrow button next to publish to get a drop down menu of options. (Schedule- Backdate- Save draft) (Facebook content ideas here)

Instagram is a very cool little platform that tends to have a younger fan base but it’s actually very responsive. You only get one clickable link that you can leave under your profile name but you can use it wisely to add a subscribe link or link to your latest video, etc. The best thing about Instagram is you don’t have to post often to make new friends. It’s better to create a great image or 15 second video with a message and post once or twice a day then spend the majority of your time commenting and liking other peoples posts. You can use also use #hashtags to find people with similar interests and to add your content to the trending topics. (Find more amazing Social media marketing tips here:

5) Interviews: There’s nothing like getting in front of large groups of indie music fans that are already interested in what you have to say to boost your fan base. A.V.A Live Radio has an amazing weekly “Behind The Music” series that I host, broadcasting live to our loyal music fans and industry professionals all over the world. The station has a network of supporters ready to share your story and help you get to the next level of your career.

As an added benefit all of the artists on the show this summer are :

  • Featured with their own page on the A.V.A Live Radio website
  • Gain extra exposure with a second feature article about their music in American Pride Magazine
  • Get to see their music, images and story circulating multiple times in the A.V.A Live Radio social media funnel that is carried out like a spider web by our indie artist network.
  • Plus you will meet tons of Indie artists in our own music community who are open to collaborations and sharing your music with their fans.

As an A.V.A Insider Music Community member, you will become a part of our family. The A.V.A is like no other network and should be a corner stone of every artists Indie Music Marketing plan.  (Check out the shows.. Behind The Music here)

Submit your music now to be reviewed for the Behind The Music Series & join our community..


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