How To Get Your Music Reviewed

How To Get Your Music Reviewed

New Season_Jacqueline_Jax_ava_live_radio_behind_the_musicLet’s be honest; finding credible music industry professionals to review your music isn’t easy. Most people don’t have the time unless they are personal friends and if they are close to you they won’t be objective. In addition, they will be afraid to hurt your feelings with a hash truth or constructive critic. Indie radio stations are a much better solution because they listen to so many music artists on a daily basis and have a vast knowledge on what’s current and comparative to your market. But the trouble lies in finding indie stations that have a program in place to provide you with a review. Most indie radio stations and music blogs don’t have the staff to dedicate to this necessary but time consuming task. So what can you do?

I’m not going to lie to you; getting blogs and reputable indie stations to pay attention to your music is quite difficult.

Most do have a submit page available but do not offer any kind of feedback as to why they won’t play your music or what you could do to improve and achieve that radio ready sound.

Here’s a solution….

Get Reviewed:

It only takes a few minutes to sign up to get your live performance video or latest recorded song reviewed and be considered for a featured interview on A.V.A Live Radio. In addition, the positive reviews are all published on the internationally known A.V.A Live Radio web site, and that review will be hand delivered to a variety of internet magazines for publication. So you will not only have a fabulous review to share with your fans and use in your own mailers, the review will also publish on our web site and will be submitted to our affiliated publications as well.


Climb The Chart:

Each month A.V.A Live Radio will select the top 12 recorded songs submitted and top 12 Live Performance videos to be featured on our music charts for voting and consistently pressed out on social media. For 4 years this method has helped new talent to break through, build their fan base and get discovered by key professionals in the music industry.
It gets even better… The winner will be featured live on the radio for an interview that will be pressed out for publication to a variety of internet blogs and magazines. Now how’s that for a powerful push into the media?

Improvement Review:

If your live performance video or latest recorded song doesn’t get a great review, we will send you that response via email and offer you specific ways that you can improve. You will also be able to tap into our database of talented music industry professionals who will be happy to mentor you to the next level. We don’t leave our artists floundering and confused. The main goal is to help you rise to the top by providing you with key resources and knowledge that will help you succeed. You are never alone when you become part of the A.V.A Live Radio family.

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