Radio Drive

I want to thank Jacqueline and the staff at AVA Live Radio for being an amazing support of indie artists including myself and my band, Radio Drive. I’m blown away by all the support they’ve provided me: An interview, Behind the Music feature, adding my video to the AVA Live Radio site, the support on social sites, and more.

Jacqueline has a gift of encouragement and she uses it well. I love the positive posts on Facebook and her blog articles which are always inspiring and full of practical advice. I’ve learned one key to success is surrounding yourself with positive people. I’m doing just that being a part of the AVA Live Radio community.

Thank you, Jacqueline and all the staff at AVA Live Radio – you rock!!!

Regan Lane

I believe Jacqueline really cares. And that, more than anything is what brought me to investigate AVA. The simple reality is a lot of folks do indie music to just tell their story and be heard. In a atmosphere of love and respect, AVA does just that! Besides giving a positive setting to show Strangely Alright’s music and story, there is the fact that Jacqueline has some unique and attainable marketing ideas (get the insider news letter!) that I plan to put into motion! Great experience all the way around for me. I’m glad we met and I plan to stay connected to the AVA community!

David Dewhirst

AVA Live Radio and Jacqueline are simply great. Run, don’t walk, as fast as your well-toned stage-legs will carry you to get involved with this.
At some point — maybe recently — you got to a place where you thought, “You know, my music is pretty good. I need to get it in front of more or even some people.” Hold that thought, brother and sister musicians.

I can’t say enough good things about AVA Live Radio, Jacqueline Jax, and the community of artists I’ve met through them. There has been support, encouragement and sage advice at every step of the way — far more than I ever anticipated, and far more than I ever would have asked for. Just a random sampling: There have been articles… web pages… Tweets… Facebook posts… the AVA Live Radio interview… email newsletters with business and social media tips… it goes on and on.

So now you’re here, thinking about growing your audience, your music business acumen, your everything, and you’re not quite sure what to do. Just remember: Until you put yourself out there, nobody else will. Think about that, think about how great it will be to have a kind, expert person on your side, think about what I said above, and go for it.

You deserve this. – David Dewhirst @DDewhirst_Music

Nick Vandell

Hi Jacqueline,
I have to say how very pleased we were speaking with you on our interview on your show on Episode #227, Behind the Music. It was truly a great joy and you guys made me feel so comfortable. It is also a great pleasure working with you during the pre-interview phase leading up to the interview. You and your staff are so organized and efficient in every phase, keeping me in the loop in the whole process. And my kids, Melissa and NIcholas, when they heard you guys shouting out to them with a sincere “choir of hellos” was fabulous. Again, looking forward to working with you on future events and/or projects. Thanks so much for all of your hard work. – Nick Vandell


Thank you Jacqueline Jax A.V.A Live Radio for the opportunity to present to you my songs.
In showbiz its rough for indies or unsigned solo artist,bands to make their music heard,luckily for us there are Radio stations willing to give us a platform, My gratitude.
Much appreciation to you Jacqueline Jax A.V.A Live Radio.
A special thank you to Melissa Frances, she was the one who gave me the link thru Reverbnation
Best regards- Didorion

Paul J Clark

I highly recommend A.V.A. Live Radio!

My experience has far exceeded my expectations. You all have been fantastic! Your team is responsive and timely to answer all my questions and well organized. Jacqueline’s live interview was very conversational and she made me feel comfortable, creating an environment where I could be myself and connect honestly with listeners. She has a very special talent for that.

I have to tell you, when I was first contacted by AVA Live Radio, I was extremely cautious. There are so many people out there who try to scam indie artists and I always approach new opportunities with a lot of caution. I’m so glad that your organization is legit and honestly, that’s the best way gaining exposure. I’ve received lots of new Facebook page likes, many song plays on my ReverbNation site as well as new fans from Twitter. Most valuable to me though is to have joined your community. Our relationship is the most valuable thing to me. As partners, we can support each other in reaching our common goals.

Noel Brooke

Loved the warmth and vibes thru out the interview. Your kindness, professionalism and knowledge in which you adhere with integrity when interviewing us musicians that are either starting in there music career or amateur as myself is just beyond what we can encounter 🙂
Thank you Jaqueline Jax!

Moses Jones

I had the pleasure of being on the Jacqueline Jax show. I thought it was great because the interview was good, well thought out, met new people and the biggest plus was that I got a huge boost on my website and social media out puts. I look forward to another interview with Jacqueline!!
Thanks Again Jacqueline!!- Moses Jones