Instagram Influencer Huda Kattan, has just landed a Facebook watch show as a result of her ultra popular instagram beauty profile.

Listen to the podcast: 

With a following of more than 25 million, Huda will go behind the scenes of her social media career through a new reality series.

She is now the star of Huda Boss, which will premiere June 12 on Facebook Watch.

Her social media success has allowed her to turn Huda Beauty into a full-fledged company and Huda Boss viewers will now be able to follow the day-to-day operations of that business.

It will star Huda as well as her husband Chris and her two sisters. She teased the program in a Facebook video just recently.

“We have had so much fun filming the show and can’t wait for people to get an inside look at our business and our sometimes-crazy family!” said Kattan in a statement. “[Facebook] was, and continues to be, a very important platform for the brand, and together with Instagram, has really helped grow our business.”



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