Jax Couture Home Shopping Milan Heger Musician Art Series Conversations with Ego

Jacqueline Jax features Seattle Artist Milan Heger’s Musician series Conversations with Ego Collection at special artist direct price.

Order your print on his web site and inquire about any available originals: http://www.hegerarchitecture.com/art-prints

I’m so happy to bring you this amazing series.

The workmanship is beautiful and the images are stunning. I have enjoyed them every single day since they arrived in the studio and have felt so inspired by their energy that I’ve chosen to recommend them to you on the show today. These prints would make amazing gifts for music lovers and are lasting treasures for your own collection. You will never see anything else like these unique pieces anywhere.. I chose simple white frames with matching matting to compliment the work, it really enhanced the beauty of the detail and vivid hues. Depending on your own decor, all of the pieces would look just as commanding in darker frames. These gorgeous prints will certainly be a conversational piece for years to come. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to obtain this limited edition collection.

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Video: shot with iPad Air, IRig mic and edited in iMovie.

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