Jax Daily Social Media, Music Business and Tech News Week July 14

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Catch up with the best of the daily social media, music business and tech news with host Jacqueline Jax.


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Jax Daily The ROI of Your Social Media Time

How to know if your precious time invested on social media is actually helping your end results. You don’t want to spend years on social media trying to make your dreams come true if you aren’t really sure how to measure those results and plan your content strategy. Today’s episode gives you insights and tips for making that ROI really matter. www.jacquelinejax.tv


Jax Daily Impactful Content that Attracts New Fans

Is the game plan to build a community around your projects and business through social media? Today on the show I’m talking about the kinds of content that is best for you to create to make more of an impact faster in any audience. www.jacquelinejax.tv also visit me on www.instagram.com/Jacquelinejax


Jax Daily Launching a Sold Out Product Collaboration

Understanding why collaborations are brilliant marketing strategies and why some sell out in minutes. This episode talks about the best way to launch brand collaborations, how to prep for a sold out campaign and how they can keep working for the partners even after the initial launch.


Jax Daily Social Media Master Tips for Youtube

Have you been having trouble getting video views? This quick list of tips may help you to start building up your view count and help you gain some traction in the search on the Youtube platform. More tips available for you at www.JacquelineJax.tv and we have tutorial at www.youtube.com/avaliveradio


Jax Daily Facebook Social Media Master Tips
Facebook is a trick social media page, especially after all the changes have come into effect. It sometimes seems like no one sees your posts at all. That may be the case so on today’s show I’m telling you how to know what’s happening on your page and how to launch more engaging content.


Jax Daily The Best Instagram Tips to help you Grow

Everyone wants to grow their audience on instagram and that does require effort but I have some quick tips to make sure that you can and will grow from your efforts. Make your social page Pop with tips that work. www.jacquelinejax.tv also visit me on www.instagram.com/Jacquelinejax