Jax Daily Why Instagram’s New IGTV app is a WIN

Jax Daily Why Instagram’s New IGTV app is a WIN

On today’s Jax Daily host Jacqueline Jax talks about why you should be paying attention to Instagram and the new IGTV app that allows you to launch 1 hour of vertical video.


As facebook and Snapchat continue declining in popularity and numbers, Instagram continues to rise. Today instagram announced it has reached 1 Billion monthly active users.

With a massive audience captivated by this little app, it’s not unrealistic to see why long form video had to be added. Before you could only live stream inside the stories feature or record and post up to 1 minute of video as one time.

Now it’s time for their video capabilities to move forward. At this point, I still can’t see where it will be a competitor to Youtube exactly as Youtube is a public platform and is ranked in google search while Instagram requires you to be on the app to see any of this happening.

Aside from comparing apples to oranges, I can see where video creators will flock to this new IGTV app and publish video there. It’s a massive opportunity for growth in a space that’s still new and less competitive than Youtube.

The video option thus far is available to established accounts and will expand to everyone eventually. The IGTV app is available globally on IOS and Android as well as accessible in the Instagram app through a TV shaped button above stories. The separate app offers video only without the distractions of other option available on the main instagram app.

I have already tried the new app and I really enjoyed it. I can already see long form video from people I follow as well as recommended video. Plus my own followers are telling me that when I do launch a new video, they were notified right away by their phone when they have the feature turned on.

The app also let me create my own Channel of videos I’ve been loading with links in the description of the videos to drive traffic to other places outside the app. (plus, plus)

There are no commercials yet.. (lol – just wait) but they will be adding that so Video creators can monetize their video following. They also stated recently on a press release that they will not be paying creators directly for IGTV like they did on the recent massive failure of the Facebook Watch Video Hub.

As the rest of this release, Facebook shares (who owns instagram) are up 2.2 % today to nearly $202.

So how do you use Instagram IGTV to bring more value to your audience? I have outlined that in todays broadcast so be sure to listen in.

Come join my page and see how we are using Instagram and IGTV to create unique narratives in different markets.