{Behind The Music} Jmt-Prod and Mawkley on Al Halaban

{Behind The Music} Jmt-Prod and Mawkley on Al Halaban

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW JMT PROD
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Jmt-Prod Ft. Mawkley song : 

Al Halaban

Mawkley :

it’s was a hot day in my town in Berrechid. I was chilling in the house of my friend who have a broadcast microphone and a Mac, we decided to do a song as way of entertain ourselves …
 we did not have a specific subject so I wrote a song about a small kid who used to live in the street and faced a lot of problems like abuse and he did drugs. It’s unfortunate but it’s a sad reality !
Everything is done by the net he has never had physical meeting. Mawkley has translated the text and listening to its translation I have seen appear in my mind of the bunch of images which led to this particular design sound very close to a historical film soundtrack. The recording was made at the Morocco of this a few months ago in precarious conditions (not in the studio) before we met. The Acapelas was sent to me by the net. I had to clean up and master the voice, to be able to start composing.

The Message:

Mawkley :

My message is universal, my music aims to meet people and dialogue of culture and love … I stay connected, I have a lot of projects but my cultural and financial situation does not allow their outcomes.

I prefer composing from an acapella because I can stick and do the custom compared to what says the rapper and his flow. I spend hours searching for the sound, the instrument that will give the soul music. When I have an idea of melodic line trying to lead at the end and often the result brings me to a production well defined with a specific story. So I’m looking for new rapper explaining my vision of the theme when I composed the piece

From Morocco to France…

In my country the Morocco can’t do live music because the music-oriented industry toward traditional and not protest music. It’s very hard to be recognized as a musician or author there are a lot of constraints. There is no real official scene for hip-hop.

In France the Hip-hop scene is very strong since the 90s it is highly structured with plenty of scenes and thousands of big or small productions. I live in Lyon where the hip-hop scene is a little less structured than in my birth city Marseille. I did more scene since 2002 and went back to the composition since the end of 2016. I rediscovered the hip-hop movement from the inside and he played well.

Music business…

Musical business has changed. We do albums as a “kleenex”. i explain myself: before an album was a kind of awareness we worked around a project hard. The costs for producing an album were important. Now the fashion is to release albums very often, the technology allows it. With a basic computer some equipment and fiew software, it is very easy to produce quickly. I won’t spit I take advantage, the proof is that Al Halaban is entirely self-produced.

Without hesitation “Akhenathon” of the Group IAM.
I admire him because he has done a lot for music and for his charges.

I’m staying in the same vein I would choose “Imhotep” of the Group IAM.
Because I hear a story in all his compositions, the diversity of his music, the richness of the instrumentation and the broad musical palette… Finally you guessed I’m a fan. It is this interest for IAM that leads us together with Mawkley and allowed this vocal and musical symbiosis.

Purchase song : https://itunes.apple.com/fr/artist/jmt-prod/id1174258358

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