(Behind The Music) Joe Galaxy on Drinkin the Night Away

(Behind The Music) Joe Galaxy on Drinkin the Night Away


“Drinkin the Night Away” is a fun song about a classic problem of being in the work week and you can’t wait for Friday to get out and have some fun. You know that feeling at 3pm on Friday at work and your almost done for the week and excited about the weekend @JoeGalaxy1

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW JOE GALAXY
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
I started in music as a DJ while I was in College.
I remember buying a complete DJ system, 2 Technics turntables, a mixer, amp, 2 large event speakers, and a microphone. I had tons of records of old music and would buy new records all the time. I would sit and listen to old records looking for samples and writing lyrics and rapping over instrumentals before I began producing. I also started performing with heavy metal bands they would have me come out and rap a verse in the middle of their set. Such fun! I’d love to bring a live band on tour with a DJ, that’d be hot!

“Drinkin the Night Away”

“Drinkin the Night Away” is a fun song about a classic problem
of being in the work week and you can’t wait for Friday to get out and have some fun. You know that feeling at 3pm on Friday at work and your almost done for the week and excited about the weekend. A lot of people, men and women put up with a lot of b.s. just to make some money..think of waiting tables and unwanted sexual advances or arrogant bosses who take advantage of their position…well “Drinkin the Night Away” is the escape to party and have fun and forget about that and for those who are celebrating being on their grind and being successful too! Being successful should also include dancing and letting go and celebrating success!

I recorded this song at the famous Hit Factory in Miami, Florida
with Renegade Foxxx and Grammy Nominated artist/producer Phillip “Taj” Jackson. JOE GALAXY “Drinkin the Night Away” is a global smash being picked up by radio stations more and more worldwide each month! It’s growing like a wild fire in California.

You can hear all other singles at http://TheJoeGalaxy.Com

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JOE GALAXY music is about fun, success, and positivity!
It’s very futuristic and focused on being sonically dope! You can expect every record that I release to be a hit record. I don’t have any “filler” songs. This album means everything to me and is the most important project and endeavor that I have ever worked on and I have been a successful serial entrepreneur. Imagine putting one mans quest to be something and inspire others into sound, that is what my music is and I hope to inspire my listeners and fans to believe in your self & me no matter what. My music is for winners, to inspire and entertain, but for winners. Let’s go! “If it ain’t about winnin’, it ain’t about me!”


I live in Miami Beach, Florida.
The music scene is flourishing in Miami. A lot of good music has come out of Miami and its very diverse too! Miami is a continuous party so there are so many places to go! We have the hottest clubs, music & art festivals at different times of the year. And we have to beach so we’re good! lol

The music business is crazy!
It’s constantly changing and is not for the faint of heart. Most Artist have no clue and no chance at all. I’m sorry to say but it’s true. You’ll never be able to say that Joe Galaxy wasn’t real. But at the same time, there are so many resources to get a clue beyond the art of music. So #1 your music has to be fire, hot! After that, is show-Bizness. Meaning gotta get a clue about the business. I can’t tell you how many trial and error mistakes and money I spent before getting dialed in. I’m implementing the right plan, the cutting edge plan cuz like I said the music business is constantly changing. I meet old heads that will tell you to do this or that and they don’t even know that what worked for them is not even what’s poppin now! Social media, Core Fans, Internet Radio, & Shows, need I say more. I love the music business. It’s the ultimate challenge and it’s worth it because creating and sharing music with people who you and your music love is really rewarding. There’s nothing like it.

I will touch on the cons but focus on the pros.
The music business is very competitive. Some say cutthroat. I just feel as an Artist if you can think like a businessperson as well as being a Producer/Singer/Songwriter then you will deal with the adversity as a business “challenge” and more than likely overcome and find your way. The pros are what will make it worth it. There is nothing that compares to creating your music and sharing it with your true core fans that love what you do. So your job is to make some dope music and find your core fans to share it with and believe me, there is a group of people out there for most all Artist.

I always use setbacks as a setup for a come up!
Perseverance is how I turn struggles into triumphs. I decided a long time ago to stick with it no matter what. Once that decision has been made then I am down for whatever. I’m in this music game to the bone. So patience, perseverance, and commitment is how I am triumphant.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with any Ultra Successful Artist like Drake
because I am sure I would gleen the golden nuggets or clues to success that I could use at this juncture in my career. I meet a lot of people here in Miami who knew Pitbull before he was famous. I’ve heard of him flying to Moscow to do a show for only US$3,000 and his flight & hotel. He was willing to do any show and work it. I admire any artist like Drake that is grindin non-stop as if he hasn’t made it, yet he’ll have 4-5 hits on the radio at the same time. I recently saw Drake live in Washington, D.C. and was impressed with how he gave so much love back to the audience during his performance. I will definitely incorporate that back into my performance and I know realize that the engagement is as important as the performance. Visit http://TheJoeGalaxy.Com to discover when & where my next show is so you can come out and see me and we can meet!

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