KED Shares Life Lessons Through His New Single “Grinding”

KED Shares Life Lessons Through His New Single “Grinding”

Rapper and talented songwriter, KED inspires us with his story of how one mans hardship can influence a world by inspiring others to appreciate what they have by drawing on your passion and determination for a better life.

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Artist: KED
Kedrick MILLER

Song: Grinding

Music Genre: rap

This song is about a young African American male 22 rasied in a single mother home taking care of his brother and mother and helping them survive through the struggle by giving up his education to hit streets and put food on table and keep on lights. With the lack of a father, he showed his lil brother how to be a man and learning life. From sleeping on floors to living with grandparents and sleeping two to a bed, he had friends who turned on him, lost others to death and family to the system.

But one day, God gave this young man a sign. Pulling himself to his feet, he left the streets and found his opportunity in a part time job and fresh start at life.

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My music is my passion, it’s the air that I breathe. I feel like god gave me this talent for a reason to send positive and strong messages out to todays youth.  Striving to write songs about the struggle of all races and what we face through our daily lives is my focus. A voice for the unheard that want the world to hear there pain.

If I motivate you and give you life lessons to think about so you won’t make the same mistakes that I have made in my life, then I have succeeded.  Hopefully you will receive the tools from each bar or line in my verse to take to heart and use against this harsh world.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
This single gives a person like me who has a heart for the struggle a chance to push my craft out to the world. I rap to not only save myself but to affect people lives.

Where do you create your music?
For an indie artist like me who works a 9-5, I understand the importance of investing in a quality studio. Whenever I get the chance, I travel to Atlanta to record all my tracks. It’s a great atmosphere there, I love vibing with different producers and hearing good beats where I can just write a hook off the top of my head.

Staying focused..
I stay focused with prayer and keeping away from bad vibes.  You can never surround yourself with to many positive people that believe in what you are doing so that’s a priority. What’s most important to me is putting God first and chasing my dream.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking..
A friend once told me, “Look where you come from, a small town where dreams don’t come true. You have that gift to make it out and be something.”

You just can’t build a career in rap over night but you have to pursue a dream. Look at your friends in the streets, that’s all they got and you can break that by taking off with your music.

I’m from small town in Polk county North Carolina…
where people hate on each other to make it in music. The only way you can make it in the Carolinas is to have one song really take off. Something to catch people’s attention. We have a lot of talent down here, but most are in it for all the wrong reasons. They aren’t chasing the dream, they chase fame. It’s hard to get heard unless you move away to be able to push your own brand without having an issue with the local competition.

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