Lee Clark Allen on Being Vulnerable and Honest

Lee Clark Allen on Being Vulnerable and Honest

My songwriting is about being vulnerable, honest, and authentic no matter what race or religion. I’m a lover of music, lyrics, and songs. Through these things, fans and new listeners will get a chance to see how I am molded as an artist intrinsically and extrinsically.

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Band Name: Lee Clark Allen

Song name: I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie

Genre: Indie R&B/Soul

The song is about being vulnerable, honest, and authentic with a person you are pursuing, whether they be of the same/opposite race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. “I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie” is that “I’m ready for love” jam! One of my favorite lines from the song is “I see you, and I just wanna be yours.” When I see the whole person for who they are and make the choice to be accepting of that to declare “I just wanna be yours,” love love love is in the air; and that’s what we all desire and need! Agape!


My music is…
original, fresh, and authentic. It sounds like the past and future simultaneously. It crosses over into various genres, because of who I am–I’m a lover of music, lyrics, and songs and if those things don’t kill me, then they’re fair game for me to listen too. My music contains the rhythms of our collective heart, emotions, breath, experiences, joys and pains, needs and wants, praises and laments, and lightest and darkest moments. My music is feel music or SOUL!

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
“I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie” captures what listeners can get from me as a singer-songwriter. Through it, fans and new listeners will get a chance to see how I am molded as an artist intrinsically and extrinsically! I am what comes out of me, because I have set it upon myself to always present music from a genuine, heartfelt place. While simultaneously, I am what I have chosen to listen to, which is everything, ranging from past to present, from classical music to new-age music, etc.

I create my music at these various places: toilet seats, at the piano, while driving to work, while watching movies, while reflecting over my relationships with people and God, while hearing people share their heart with me about relationships with people and God,

As a singer-songwriter, though I’m still cultivating the art [it’s work], I experience moments in which the lyrics, melody, and musical arrangement come to me all at once, while I’m either purposefully creating or while I’m practicing piano and vocal exercises or songs I’ve already written that I’m just rehearsing.

When songs come, I wake up and record them on my recorder or phone, then head back to sleep. Then, using the piano as the central instrument, the crew and I head to the studio and record the tune live either for a demo track to rehearse religiously for mastery [not perfection], so that we can return to the studio with the purpose of delivering a damn good performance and to save money!

How do you stay focused and balance creating with life..
Prayer, exercise, me time, and honesty with myself on how I’m doing or on how I’ve been coping with the behind the scene endeavors that are needed to grow your influence in the music industry! I love so many artists and I superficially respected them. Now, I wholeheartedly respect them because of how deep I have gotten myself into this music!


What does the song say, “Work work work work work!” Overall, having that opportunity to finalize a product or musical journey that would influence tons of people to feel freely, express freely, and love abundantly keeps going!

One of my college students..
[yes I’m a middle school educator and community college professor] reminded me of the importance of product. Leonard Di Vinci recognized his talent not as earlier as his peers with and before him. Yet, he shook that distraction off, and accepted his starting point and immediately self-cultivated his art and sought the aid of others to edify his skills that would prove to be historic! In his 30s, with all of his talents,Da Vinci creates Last Supper painting! It’s Jesus, so one would think that this particular work would become the product that would cement his name in the history books!

Unfortunately, it was not! Yet once again, the middle aged Da Vinci shakes that distraction off and continues to grind to create a product that would validate the talent he wanted to ruminate the world with. Years later, he puts his heart and mind together and creates The Mona Lisa! Through it, though his passion for creation and art were already realized, Da Vinci’s talent was finally realized through that painting. His story reminded me that yes some artists are blessed with mad talent, but even with that you have to create a product that validates your talent.

Frankly, the oldest way in the book to achieve that is through hard work and critical thinking and maybe sacrifice. Have those and you will yield yourself to great influence with your artwork.


I live in…
Denver, CO but was born and raised in Little Rock, AR! The music scene here in Denver is community-centered and is proving to be a great place to begin or gain your footing in your music career endeavors! I’m blessed to be surrounded by such great artists, and all the numerous venues I played have been open to new talent!


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