George Lesche of Local Waters launches first EP track ‘Holding You’

George Lesche of Local Waters launches first EP track ‘Holding You’

Local Waters

The songs are signposts that mark a certain time in my life that I can come back to and realize they are foundations to better things.

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Band Name: Local Waters
Person Interviewing: George Lesche – Guitar/ Vocalist/Songwriter

Song name: Holding You
Genre: Folk/Folk Rock

This song is a dedication to my grandmother who was a great person and a friend. I wrote this song originally in August 2016 a few months after my grandmother passed. I improvised the entire chord structure and lyrics on the spot. I had my recorder going and kept the song.

This summer I re-recorded two versions of the song, the first one presented here was after a sinus surgery I had during the summer and before a second sinus surgery. I decided to record an EP and this one is the first track for it.

My music is my thoughts and emotions. I’ve had some rough years health wise. 2011 I was in hospital for two months for a stomach issue. 2016 a loss of a family member. 2017 health problems continued and I had two sinus surgeries one in early summer and one in end of summer. In between all that I recorded my EP. It’s always been my mission to record an EP and I’ve always loved song writing and music.

I picked the guitar back in 2002 and around the same time I started listening to Neil Young.

At that time I was in High School and my favorite music was hard rock such as Staind and Creed to listen too. I heard one of the guys in marching band play “Rockin’ in the Free World” during a time when the band was taking a break and the next day I went out bought an album called “Harvest.” My mother said,”I don’t think you will like this album” I got the album anyway, and became I direhard music fan from that point on.

Songwriting began for me in 2005 but in 2007 I wrote and recorded music for a local church, Woodruff United Methodist Church, and I wrote and played for a year or so. I started having some health issue around this time and this stopped playing music for the church in the middle of 2008. So fast forward to current times and my music is my thought process and the way I cope with the reality of things. The songs are signposts that mark a certain time in my life that I can come back to and realize that they are foundations to better things.

I’m currently working on new songs…
As for the direction, it’s where ever the music takes me. You pick up a guitar and sometimes lyrics just flow up through you and you have the recorder going. Other times it’s just writing lyrics and piecing things together.

Knowing that there is no failure in music. It’s a peaceful process, a gateway to a better life.

For new songs, I am currently using my 12 string acoustic guitar and I’ve been busy since the holidays. I am a sales manager for a retail company selling USA made products, so I’m just starting to have free time to get back to writing.

Getting creative…
I record all my music. I have a mixing board in my basement. I also use a mini-boss recorder for recording thoughts and demos.

Local Waters

Managing work/life balance…
Its hard. My health issues can inhibit the music process and I deal with severe facial pain on a daily basis – Fungal Sinusitis due to my severe allergies. At times, the facial pain can be unbearable. But I used that to make my EP. It was a challenge but it started a foundation where I can build my music from there.

As for work and life, I handle a business selling USA made shovels which I market, sell & advertise. I started from a small family business and built it into a global business over the years. This year was especially challenging with the surgeries and the business taking off. It was a hard balancing act and doing the EP sure helped this year.

The best piece of music advice you’ve had…
Just write, just play. There is no science to writing music. Sure there is theory, scales and chord progressions, but if you sit and play sometimes a neat idea or lyric will just come to you. Sometimes the faster you record the better. The emotion is there when the song is first written.

Its probably the best time to record when the emotion is just there with that song at that time. Sometimes a song can sit there and you lose the feeling of it and then it goes and you’ve got to work on new songs. Getting songs to tape fast can really show the emotion of things.

I live in New Jersey.
I have not played live recently due to health reasons but I’m hoping to get back into the coffee house scene and maybe go back to the original church I wrote for and played.


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