Hip Hop Artist Lucas B Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax. The hiphop writing process. Starting off the song with a powerful pop. Why Gangster rap is a fad. The evolution of Drake and Kendick Lamar that brought a fresh perspective to the artist. Making a big come back from living a bad lifestyle and how to understand the difference between right and wrong. The reasons that social media brings branding opportunities an artist. The Atlanta music business: Younger generation is the life blood and the town has now become a mega music scene in the last few years. There’s always plenty of networking opportunities.


Band Name: Lucas B
Song name: White Girls Love Cocaine ft. Metrie Marquis
Genre:: Hip-Hop
 “White Girls Love Cocaine” is pretty self explanatory. This song  is meant to be played at parties and social gatherings. From the beginning, the song is meant to draw you into my perspective of a party that I am at. We all love to have a good time at social gatherings and this song is designed to highlight that feeling. With relatable lyrics like “living life, don’t care what they say, don’t care what they do.”

My music is: Upbeat, original, organic and catchy.

I believe this song represents my current direction well. My intent is to create music that people can vibe to in any setting. Whether they are alone or with a group of friends. I believe this song translates well in either setting.
I create my music anywhere inspiration strikes. My process is very open, I try not to put any constraints on how I create. Once I have a song written, I tend to lay the rough idea down at my home studio. After I’ve laid down the rough, I’ll then take that skeleton to a professional studio to record the real thing.
How do you stay focused and balance creating with life: Alone, it would be hard to stay balanced with everything that I have going on right now.

But what helps keep me balanced and focused would be my label mates. As well as friends and family back home that help to keep me grounded at all times.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?: The best advice I’ve ever heard. Would be when my friend told me to never rush my creative process and to just let it be. When he told me that, it changed the way I made music forever. I no longer put dates on projects that I’m working. I do work efficiently, but I no longer strain myself with completing things by a certain date. When it’s done it’s done, although that’s never true when it comes to creatives.
I live Atlanta, GA, the music scene here is very vibrant and active. The younger generation here is really the life blood of the scene. Many of the clubs here allow independent artist to showcase their music on prime time nights. Which I think is great because there’s no better time to perform and showcase your talent.

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