LuckyCrush Changing Virtual flirting by Connecting Singles

LuckyCrush Changing Virtual flirting by Connecting Singles

Corona Virus has entirely changed the way singles meet new people.

Before coronavirus began, the online cam chat was no strange occurrence but fast forward to Summer 2020 and now we are seeing more sites trending.

I have noticed that chat with strangers virtual flirting sites have become the best way to meet new people safely. Everyone keeps telling me funny stories of how they meet great new people through these online chats.

I recently saw an article about how online chat sites like LuckyCrush have had a 50% increase in registrations during and after COVID-19 global lockdown.

I have to admit that I have explored a few of these sites and have enjoyed the experience. It’s very easy to connect with people and they all seem very friendly.

The concept makes so much sense to me as common meeting places have remained closed and people need ways to connect while maintaining social distance.

I guess, this is just how people are meeting in 2020, it will surely be a social trend rolling through 2021.

Let’s look at LuckyCrush, a Coronavirus friendly way to meet new people.

  • It’s a live random video chat for straight adult people
  • Lucky Crush is a great site to try if you are hetero-sexual because this site connects people of the opposite sex.
  • You can chat speaking out loud or write to each other while seeing each other on webcam.
  • A simple click on « next » allows to change partner.
  • Every chat can last a few seconds or several hours.
  • This is not a dating site. It’s just a chat site. It’s purely ephemeral. There is no physical meeting. The flirtation is virtual, starts on the site and ends on the site.
  • It can be anonymous for those who are shy. You can just use a username and your personal details remains safe, anonymous and ephemeral.
  • The ratio is even with approximately 50% of girls and 50% of guys online at any time.
  • The chat site is available from desktop and any mobile device.
  • The URL is There is no need to download any app. You just have to select your gender and click « start searching ».
  • It has 1 million members from 100+ countries after only 1 year (created in 2019)

Benefits of online chatting in 2020..

During times when we find ourselves faced with many lonely nights of boredom, online cam chat sites will prevent depression for getting you down.

Online chatting boosts confidence and allows people meet who would otherwise never have a chance to connect with each other.

Online chatting can greatly improve self esteem during times when we all have to be social distancing.

To remedy loneliness, chat sites provide a safe space that connects you with interesting people without a physical encounter.

There are hundreds of social networking sites encouraging you to chat up people about anything from hobbies to common interests. Give it a try and see if spending an evening meeting new people makes you feel more connected.

I think you’ll find that it’s becoming the new meeting place of 2021.

Try this site: