Marketing Tip of the day: 3 Steps To Building Stronger Brand Awareness

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Think about what benefits your Brand
How do we improve passion behind our brand: Avoiding a break in the chain.

The passion of the company founders for their brand is typically transferred to their employees and thus the customer. This energy must be transferred daily through each persons actions and constancy. But with that said, if any person in that company chain isn’t carrying the energy forward, that will cause a break in the chain. I will go through more on this in later discussions, but first here are 3 initial steps to building a stronger brand awareness.

1)   Memorability: making a lasting impression is one of the most important things that drives a brand. Presenting memorable moments, presentations, and product. How do we make our brand more memorable to the employees and the people who shop with us.

  1. Framework for a strong foundation: by laying a strong foundation down, a positive brand will be able to radiate outward in the daily activities of the employees as they sell the products.
  2. Material reminders: pieces of media, business cards, letter head, brochures.
  3. Social Events: gatherings of employees, customers and new people to introduce the brand and allow them to share and experience the company’s energy in a social atmosphere.
  4. Brand memorability: is the product memorable? What can you do to make it more memorable? Advertising?

2)   Perceived value: The value that the customer feels they are getting from doing business with your company is very important. If either the seller or the customer feels that the product is not worth the price or it doesn’t offer value for the purchase, your entire brand will be affected.

  1. Make sure that you research your market constantly to align your products with your competitors.
  2. List everything that makes your product unique and different from products or services that are similar

3)   Familiarity: Making your brand a familiar piece of everyone’s every day life, isn’t always possible but it’s important to strive to make your brand important within your own sub niche. Keep these concepts in mind.

  1. The more you are seen by someone, the more familiar you become to them.
  2. People who have never done business with you, will most likely do business with you once they become familiar with your brand.
  3. A recommendation from your client is the best way to get a new customer familiar with your brand products and services.
  4. Advertising is so important to becoming more familiar within your sub niche. Ads on local buses, news, blogs, social media, physical printed reminders are all great ways of reminding people about you and what you do.



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