Marketing Tip of The Day: 5 Keys To Finding Your Voice As A Blogger

Finding your voice online can be tricky. You want to be yourself but sometimes finding topics to discuss or deciding how to write about your topics takes a little more thought. During my last few years writing 4 blogs and expressing myself on social media, I have learned that there are some key things that helped me stay focused on being myself while still succeeding in getting my message across to my readers. Here’s what is working for me.

5 Key Things to Know:
1) Keep a Notebook: writing down notes and thoughts when I have them has helped me so much in both discovering my voice and organizing what I want to say. By having notes to refer to as I write my newsletters, blog or messages its makes better use of my time and keeps me focused on the message leaving me free to be myself and let my personality show.

2) Stay True To Yourself: take some time to discover your passions and what motivates you. You’ll never go wrong if you express yourself with honesty. Find interesting and creative ways to express yourself with a style that will appeal to the readers you want to attract. If your a visual person, then use alot of pictures to illustrate your points. If your gifted with words then share in forms that mean something to you like poems, short stories, diary entries, song lyrics, commentary, etc.

3) Share Your Opinion: the best way to get reactions from your readers is to share your opinions on things. Don’t be afraid to express how you feel about topics or something that’s happening in your life. By opening up you’ll find people who agree and disagree but either way any response is a great indicator of how well your writing. When you have managed to so your unique self, people always respond.

4) Be Brave: Typically the best and most fascinating blogs or articles are the ones that express with a passion. Don’t be afraid to try different things or show who you are by expressing your unique self. If you constantly hold back, you won’t enjoy yourself and neither will your readers.

5) Have Fun: Writing is a form of expression and creativity that is supposed to be for your enjoyment. By getting in touch with what makes it fun for you, you’ll create a space that not only you will enjoy creating but your readers will enjoy as well and want to visit often.

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