Marketing Tip Of The Day: Color Builds Your Brand

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Marketing Tip Of The Day: Color Builds Your Brand

Associating your brand with a color scheme is one key factor in making an impression. It’s a crucial element in brand identity. Think of facebook and you picture the blue “F”, Coca-Cola is red, Superman is the big red “S” on a yellow and blue background… So it makes sense that when you plan an email or newsletter, you should stay within your brands color scheme. If your web site has a dark background with white letters and a silver logo, that’s a color scheme. Or perhaps your using red, blue and yellow on your logo with a white background. Which ever you choose, keep it consistent throughout all your pages and be sure to include those colors somehow every time you add type to an image. After a short time, people will associate your brand with a particular look, feel and color scheme without even knowing it.  I’ll be talking more about selecting the right color schemes for your brand in my next Fast Track online webinar on March 20th. Be sure to signup now. (here)

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