Marketing Tip of The Day: Don’t Put We Ahead of You and Me

Email marketing
Just in case you were wondering what address you should use when speaking to your readers, here is one thing you should avoid at all costs. Unless your speaking for a group of people or a band, emails or any other marketing materials opening with the word “we” should be avoided. Your readers want to hear from you, not we… Prospects don’t care about the company behind the product or offer until they are in company evaluation mode.. In lead generation it’s OK to mention who the company is and include a brief statement of its expertise or focus, but that copy should appear after the offer and call to action have been made clear.
As a rule, speak to your people like your speaking to a friend. Use a comfortable and relaxed attitude that will appeal to your target market.

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This is Jacqueline Jax from A.V.A Live Radio with my Marketing Tip of the Day.
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