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Don’t become an “I don’t have the money now” victim. Ask the people who can really help you the most: your fans! Involving your fans in fund raising is definitely a win, win situation. You’ll not only gain fans during your promotion efforts but its a great way for your current fans to take a more active roll in supporting your projects.

For instance:
The band Marillion reportedly raised $725,000 by pre-selling its Anoraknophobia double-CD album before it was ever recorded and Jill Sobule raised more than $80,000 from about 500 fans to record her California Years album.

So now that I have you all excited about the concept, this week I’m giving you a bunch of ideas for raising funds so be sure to subscribe to the web site so you won’t miss a single day.

Have you heard about “Stage It”? This web site loans you the use of their technology to schedule a live performance for your fans where they can give you money before and during the performance. There is a small fee, however, the ability to speak with a ton of fans at once as often as you like and from anywhere is convenient and so much fun. Your fans will love the one on one feel and ability to txt you messages while leaving you “Tips” to help fund your projects.

Tips: Plan a late evening show that does not compete with anything else like a holiday or football game. Plan ahead and start advertising your show daily to make sure your fans know about it in advance and feel that you really want them there. Offer some free giveaways to the biggest contributors like a copy of your upcoming or current CD, tee shirt or autographed poster.

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