Marketing Tip of The Day: Having A Clear Understanding Of Why in Your Call-To-Action


Just when you thought you had it all figured out: your web site designed, email signup in place, color images displayed.. Did you take time to stop and think about WHY you want people to signup for your email list?

This may surprise you but many people collect subscribers without really knowing – WHY?? Today I want you to ask yourself 3 important questions.
1) What message am I trying to get across on my web site?
2) What kind of person do I want to attract?
3) WHY do I want to attract people to signup for my email list?

Now that I’ve made you answer these questions, take that information and go back to your web site and social media pages and see if your online presence is designed to do those things. A successful marketing strategy has a clear understanding not only of WHAT they are offering but WHY they want people to signup for it.

What’s your call-to-action? What are you offering people if they signup to follow you? What is your over all goal? Leave me a comment below so I can check out your page…

This is Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio. Join me for my next marketing and personal branding show on Hot Topic Tuesday at 10a.m est (here) Thanks for reading.

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