Marketing Tip: Ideas for Building Your Email List

Marketing Tip: Ideas for Building Your Email List

Marketing Tip of The Day: Ideas for Building Your Email List

Now that you have a fabulous web site and a few well written newsletters to share, it’s time to start building your list. Finding new prospective clients is easier than you think. Here are some places to find great new people who will share your love for your business. With a little consistency and determination you can build a terrific list of supportive people who will engage with your content.

1. Social Media:
Facebook and twitter are great places to meet new friends and engage new clients. Look for people with shared interests and ask if they would like to join your list by sending them to your web sites welcome page that asks them to opt in. You can also signup for a free account on and send links for your list signup form directly to your Facebook and twitter.

2. LinkedIn Groups:
Start a group and participate in multiple groups that share your interests. You’ll find thousands of people willing to share their projects and learn about yours.

3. On The Streets:
You may not realize how many people you speak to every single day. In work, at the grocery store, party’s, events, seminars, galleries, mixers, happy hour, school. Get cards or ask for a contact email from everyone you have a conversation with. Over the month, you’ll have more than you think. Plus people who you’ve met and spoken with aren’t likely to delete your emails.
Make an effort to collect email information at your music performances, mixers and conferences.

4. Giveaway:
Everyone loves a free giveaway. Offer a cool prize in a free giveaway contest for signing up. Blast it out to Facebook, twitter, everywhere you can so people can easily find it.

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