Marketing Tip of the day: Ideas for Making Your Products and Brand More Memorable

Have you ever wondered why some products go viral and some just don’t get any attention? Here are six ideas discussed in Maria Forlios video interview to help you get the insider information.


Social currency:
Making your customers feel special is so important and can help your brand spread with a viral surge. Companies who know their customers, can easily find ways to make them feel special so they will be more likely to share their experience with their social media friends. If your luck, your brand will get to come along for the ride as your customer brags virally about their experience. Try selecting some clients to receive free goodies, special offers for something they did, etc.

Associate your Products:
By associating your products with something that reminds people of you you can start to associate your products with emotional triggers that will make people think of your product. Ask yourself, what can I link my product to that will remind people to buy me. Great ideas would be to associate a show for a certain day, or perhaps a commonly seems animal with your brand.

Rule of 100 on pricing:
This simple rule helps you benefit from offering discounts. Make a discount special by focusing on what value appears to be a better deal. Example: if you offer 25%off of 100, then by framing the discount as $25 off your $100 purchase may appear like a better deal than just by saying 25%off.

Offer Options:
Introducing a new more expensive option to compare your product to gives the buyer a reference point to appreciate your special deal. This concept is used all the time on the Internet to draw the customer to the item that appears to be the best value in comparison to another similar item.

Identifying Options:
Use messages to market your product in a sharper way. One of the best ways to do that is to identify the key things about your brand and products that make them special, helpful or significant.

Shorten your message for more impact:
Having a short version of a message that makes your idea easier to communicate. Over all you need a to create something that is remarkable, cuts through the clutter and sharpens the message to make an impact.

As you can tell there’s a lot to making an impact with your branding and marketing strategy, so focus strong, keep moving forward and don’t forget to subscribe to us today so you can keep learning from the best advisers in the field. Check out some other articles that may help you.

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