Marketing Tip of The Day: Ideas For Selling More Music Online

Marketing Tip of The Day: Ideas For Selling More Music Online
In today’s music world, it’s just not enough to create great music. You have to get moving on your promotion just like any business owner. Here are some ways to generate more music sales long term with a little work and a ton of creativity.

1) Create an iTunes playlist : iTunes allows you to publish playlists that you create. The playlists can be rated from 1-5 stars by other customers, and top rated playlists appear on the page for every album that has a song in the playlist. If your songs are included in a top ranking playlist, you will definitely see more sales.

2) Video Bloggers : youtube bloggers are always seeking royalty free music or permission to play songs in their videos. The key is to find video bloggers who have millions of fans matching your target audience. Offer a page with one free download (provided they include a link to purchase) and a list of songs for sale that you are willing to let them play on their videos. They will not only love to have great music for their videos, you’ll certainly be getting a ton of awesome exposure for the life of the video.

3) Movies and Commercials: Have you ever seen a movie or commercial that isn’t filled with music? You wouldn’t believe how many movies and commercials get made every year and its easier than you think to introduce yourself to a new production company or get listed with an agent. DIY: Subscribe to our station ( and get your music played on New Music Monday and join LinkedIn and start connecting with groups in the movie biz. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you may find.

4) Compilation Projects: I have spoken with tons of producers who are making a killing with compilation CDs. They get music from different artists and promote the CD online by genre such as Dance Party or Country Mix. The CDs not only sell thousands of copies, all the artists on them gain fans individually and sell additional tracks.

I hope these tips are helpful and get you thinking about creative ways to up your exposure and music sales. If you think of a great idea, leave it in the comment section below. I would love to hear it.

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