Marketing Tip of the Day: 3 Ways To Improve My Advertising Response Rate?

Do you know what your return rate is on your marketing campaigns? Any good marketing strategist thinks about return rate on their time invested in advertising before going in and as the campaign progresses. So the question is, what can you expect and how do you improve your response rate? On average you can expected about a 1% response rate on any good marketing campaign. Some industries may give you a higher or lower return because there are so many variables but it usually takes time, consistency and credibility as a brand to evolve past that 1%.

Let me give you an example to think about. If you send an email to 1,000 followers and 10 people react then you have just received a 1% response rate on your campaign. This rate is considered a successful rate in advertisers standards however, we all know that’s simply not good enough. Improving your rate has alot to do with variables like: quality of content within your campaign, brand credibility and strong relationships within your subscribers list. If you can improve those 3 factors, then you will surely be on your way to a much larger return rates on your advertising time invested.

So what campaigns have you tried and how was your return rate? If you have advise to share, please comment below. Also feel free to tell me about online tools you’ve used and liked. (ie : Mail chimp, wordpress blogs, reverbnation newsletters, facebook pages, twitter… etc)

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