Marketing Tip of The Day: Instagram, A Traffic Driver???

Marketing Tip of The Day: Instagram, A Traffic Driver???


Would you ever think that Instagram was a traffic driver for drawing attention to your blog posts, newsletters and web pages?

Instagram allows you to build followers, share pictures, promote photographs with hash tags, and of course conversation through the comment feature. What you may not realize is that its also a powerful tool for networking such as building blog followers, networking, driving traffic, meeting like-minded bloggers, etc. While there is no real way to link directly to your posts in Instagram, it’s always great to let your followers there know you have new content. You can easily do this with a photo.

Here’s the plan:

1) Take a screen shot or photo of what your working on.

2) Post it on instagram along with a question or comment describing the picture and be sure to include your web address.

3) Since your link won’t be clickable, keep it short and you may even want to watermark your photo with your .com

4) Hash tag some keywords in your description so your photo will show up in Instagram searches.

Don’t forget to share your Instagram posts to your twitter and Facebook media pages as well for additional traffic and to let your friends know where you can be found.

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