Marketing Tip of the Day: Know What You Stand For

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Marketing Tip of the Day: Know What You Stand For

Building a strong brand that clearly communicates your voice to the world should be your top priority whether your writing a blog, selling products or producing your own music. Two key elements in doing this successfully are determining your niche and knowing what you stand for.

Your niche is a more specific description of your brand. For instance, if your a musician, then music is your brand type but your niche may be country song writer, punk alternative rock, coffee house acoustic, romantic piano jazz or strong empowered woman. LOL

If your a fashion blogger, your brand type is fashion but your niche may be ladies luxury resort wear, DIY home made clothing projects, food and fashion lifestyle, or dressing for your figure type.

The list of more specific values that identify your niche is endless because it can be any combination of descriptive words that more accurately describes your brand.

Once you have identified your niche you’ll want to work at developing your voice or “what you stand for”. Standing for something isn’t about getting up on your soap box and yelling until the world listens, it’s more about being confident in what you have to say. Your voice is your signature, your style, and that special unique something that stands out from everyone else. It is conveyed through your images, your web page design, and your words. Working all that out may take some time, but it’s so worth it.

By determining these values that carve out your niche, you will be able to maintain your focus as you work towards building your brand and your readers/ listeners/ fans will not only be able to relate to you in a more meaningful way, they will remember you.

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