Marketing Tip of the Day: Navigation Made Easy


Marketing Tip of the Day: Navigation Made Easy

I’m often unable to easily view additional pages on blogs because the blog design is messy, unorganized or not linked well. If you want to prevent being a one hit wonder, reorganize your blog or web site with a clean design that includes a direct navigation menu at both the top and side bar. Do not make your site a maze for your visitors to try and navigate. Have a simple, clean design with an easy navigational menu. Use short, straightforward, easy-to-read paragraphs. Make all your pages uniform and professional. I also recommend using picture thumbnails for links at the bottom of your blog posts. They act as little previews selling your page to the reader. Images seriously improve your page view stats and add an eye catching element for your readers to enjoy. After all, if you don’t have a fun place to visit, why should anyone come back?

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