Marketing Tip of The Day: Pick Up Your Marketing Pace


marketing-tip-of-the-day-2Have you ever noticed that once Young the Giant picked up the pace of their now popular song, Cough Syrup, their record sales and popularity began to sore?

The same thing can be said for your marketing strategy. This year I have studied and spoken to many online brands in music, beauty and fashion bloggers, youtube channels, web sites, modeling, pretty much every category out there and one thing has rang true.

This has made a consistent difference in everyone’s marketing strategy. So the next time your feeling a little lazy, discouraged, or unmotivated think about this post. I can assure you that people are watching and listening when you post your messages, write your blog, launch a video or share your photos. But in this crazy online world of marketing you can just as easily disappear when you stop the stream.

If your a musician, your probably saying: Sure, but can I sell more than 5 cds per year if I out more time into it? Yes you can. I’ve been working with artists selling thousands of copies online every month. But let me be bold and up front with you. To succeed on the Internet, you must prepare yourself for the long haul and prepare to work hard attracting fans until the buzz hits and you take off. Even once it does, you will still have to be there consistently for your fans if you want to keep their interest and support. Success on the Internet won’t come overnight. You must have a quality web site and quality music to sell with something to say. If you take your work seriously, so will everyone else who follows you. Look at Taylor Swift, she doesn’t miss the meet and greets, she takes pictures with her fans, and she takes time to address them personally. No more excuses, step it up!

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First Studio Version of Young The Giant – Cough Syrup

New and Improved Version of Cough Syrup by Young The Giant

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