Marketing Tip of The Day: Raise Money Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding ava live radio marketing tipsMarketing Tip of The Day: Crowdfunding

If your a smart musician or entrepreneur, you’ll want to consider some strong fund raising options that will help you move forward. This week my marketing tip of the day will center around ideas for raising funds. Today lets talk about Crowdfunding. If you have already started to build strong relationships with your fans, it’s now time to start rallying support behind your music. Crowdfunding is a great way to do that. The idea is to ask for small donations from large groups of people to support your music. Whether you are recording a new release, shooting a video, or marketing your music – you can crowdfund your project with a web site and paypal account or start a campaign using one of the fund raising web sites like: Crowdfunding or Tunefund No matter which way you choose to receive your payments, there will be a small fee for handling the transactions but it’s well worth the effort. Over time, you can raise alot of money from avid supporters, friends and family.

Tips: The big thing is to talk about it all the time! Ask for a donation to your web site for birthdays and holidays, make cards to give to your friends and family asking for a donation of support, start an email campaign offering a free download for their support.

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