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I have some really important news for those of you who are working hard to take your music marketing to the next level. Check it out….

“A recent Nielsen study found that 40 percent of U.S. consumers—those classified as fans—are responsible for 75 percent of music spending. These fans, who spend between $20 billion and $26 billion on music each year, could spend an additional $450 million to $2.6 billion annually if they had the opportunity to snag behind-the-scenes access to the artists along with exclusive content. The study results, presented at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, showed that the high level of spending from a relatively narrow group of music consumers is dominating the share of overall music spend. These big spenders have indicated that, at large, they’d be willing to pay even more for exclusive extras, like in-studio updates, real-time emails, pre-orders, limited editions, autographed copies, vinyl records and lyric sheets handwritten by the artist.” (Study from

Hummm. So how does this translate? Basically you should be stepping up your product offerings to your fans. Engagement is the goal and experimentation is key. If you want to generate more sales, you need to get creative with your marketing and start offering exclusive items for your most active fans to connect with you on a more personal level. Once your music is finely tuned and pumping out on all cylinders then start offering special exclusive extras to your mailing list and keep track of which offers pan out the best. This will vary depending on your genre and fan base so mix it up until you discover what they like and go forward with those types of products.

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