Marketing Tip of the Day: Striking a Balance, When To Engage and When To Work

Recently I was asked to write about balancing a schedule. Running a web site and online community may be enjoyable but it isn’t always easy. There is a little decision I have to make for myself every day that has to do with balance.

Balance must always be considered when running any business especially an online one because the one resource we never have enough of is time. Having enough time to run your business, create content, interact on social media and answer emails requires a daily evaluation of your time.

Some people advise to engage with everyone who comments on your site or tweets at you. I have tried this, and it works for a while, but there becomes a point where you have to decide if you want to spend your time engaging with everyone or spend your time creating quality content. Personally, I use my cell phone and iPad to stay in touch and typically spend 30 minutes every morning having coffee with my emails, facebook messages and tweets but its still never enough. So to handle the hundreds of messages that come in from my various blogs and social pages, I grab additional time on breaks and some evenings.

With that said, I do advise that you engage at least twice a week especially with your most engaged followers and supporters. Further if you should find yourself with hundreds of emails in your inbox and no more time available, consider posting group greetings and updates explaining why you haven’t been able to answer your personal emails. I also like to encourage everyone to leave me a comment on a post if the message is really important so I won’t miss time related messages.

Bottom line, set aside your quiet creation times and turn off the social feeds and phones while your working so you won’t get distracted. Once your done achieving your daily or weekly goals, then enjoy your social time.

This is Jacqueline Jax from with my online marketing tip of the day. Thanks for reading.

What’s you secret to staying engaged? Leave me a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Marketing Tip of the Day: Striking a Balance, When To Engage and When To Work

  1. This is right up my alley! I tried handling every few days and with the amount of emails that stack up in a few days, it seem like it’s even more work. Yes, it has cut deeply into my creativity time and my personal life. Sometimes other areas of my life go lacking and I do hear about it from my wife!!!!! lol With this said, I handled the wife part by agreeing to a certain block of time for the computer, which can take up time and included her in what I’m doing to allow her to see first hand, what’s going on. Now she understands a little more about this part of things. Now I’m working towards cutting back the other time, which I have let get away from me. How do I get it back? I haven’t fished in so long, I’ve forgotten how to even set up my pole! lol

    Thanks Ms. Jax

    Michael Egleton

    1. Hi Michael, I hear your struggle and I experience it myself all the time. As my ideas for projects flow, my brand grows and the weeks get more demanding, I find that my time gets divided more and more until I have to stop the process for some reflective evaluation. Over the years I’ve tried many balancing methods, organizing books and time saving tips but it really comes down to is this, one simple statement… Stop competing with yourself and start factoring in the things that allow you to relax, recharge your batteries and leave you feeling inspired….. So in response to your question, I’m going to dedicate our next Hot Topic Tuesday to you with a discussion on the importance of finding balance and how to manage it all while still having a life. Thanks for the great question and honest comment. Jax

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