Marketing Tip of the Day : TAG It on Youtube


Marketing Tip of the Day: TAG It on Youtube

Have you ever wondered why videos pop up in unrelated search results without a title tag? Its not as random as you would like to think. There are three ways that youtube categorizes your videos to turn up in search results. First, we already know that your title is important. Not only does your title determine if people open your video, it also determines where your video lands in search results. Second, when you post a youtube video, there is a section called tags where you can add key search words that will help your video get searched easily so be sure to add a large variety of key words. And finally, use your description box. The description box is located under your video and is often over looked because you think people don’t view it. That’s really not the case. On youtube, people look at the description box for a brief summery of what they are about to see, instructions related to the video, and links to your important pages. If you make the descriptions rich in key words, you will gain additional searches that you never dreamed of. Over all, youtube is an excellent way to get your music or products noticed so use it wisely and don’t spam your description box with an bunch of key words, write something thoughtful that your watchers will appreciate.

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