Marketing Tip of the Day: Take A Shot At Direct


Marketing Tip of the Day: Take a Shot At Direct

No one likes to have to sift through alot of none-sense before they can understand what you have to say so be direct. Write your page copy like you would talk to your friend. There is no need for fancy words. You do need to be professional but your web pages DON’T need to be written with a ton of complicated legal jargon. In fact, page jumping will happen really fast if your caught talking over your readers. It’s not like you should dumb down your writing skills, just be sure to make your point quickly and clearly. I also recommend using relatable examples within your masterpiece. A great example helps paint a picture In a readers mind. That kind of imagery not only helps to make your content memorable, it helps your readers stay engaged. If the content is solid, entertaining and understandable you’ll not only get comments, you’ll gain subscribers as well. Remember it’s not the quantity of words you use, it’s the quality of what you write that will grab attention and encourage subscriptions.

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