Marketing Tip of the Day: Trash The Boring Sales Pitches

We are all so bored with sales pitches that most emails get trashed without a glance. Change your focus from sales-pitches to education-based emails. Ask yourself, are you more likely to read an email that offers helpful tips or information rather than a traditional sales hype? If your answer is yes, then your already grasping the concept.
You can easily display your offers within the first paragraph just by focusing on what makes your product useful or relevant. Then shape the rest of the email around it with helpful information that your reader will enjoy and hopefully keep to refer back to.
If your selling a CD, then tell the reader the story of how it was made. Include an interesting event that happened during the creation process and show pictures to support the story. If your selling a product used in cooking, include a recipe for which your product is needed and provide a helpful link to purchase it along with receiving three free recipes.
Make sure your email title is interesting and informative to attract the readers attention and let them know what they are about to read. Be sure to use keywords that will help people find your email easily. Finally, post each email to a blog (linked in your email) so your great work can keep working for you and google can add it to its search results to attract even more readers.

Now that you have a concept to help you start writing better emails, send it to me. I’ll give you my honest opinion and if its awesome, I’ll share it with my readers.
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