Marketing Tip of the Day: Value Your Relationships
Social media has shown us the value of our personal relationships. If you view your clients or followers as just clients then you will never be able to enjoy all that comes with friendships. Support, encouragement, help, honesty, contributions, and word of mouth. When you have a project, brand or product to build or sell, it’s always better to surround yourself with a team that supports you. But to have truly valuable relationships that WILL support you, you must be willing to treat each one of those relationships in the same way you would like to be treated. That means taking time to answer comments and emails and supporting their lives and projects in the same way, you wish to have support. Solid relationships are about sharing in each others good days and bad days. This is what we like about Facebook. It’s real time sharing and real time support. There is always someone there who knows you and knows your story as painted on your page. We all take some comfort in that. If you take that reality and place it into your marketing campaigns, then you will have the help and support that you need. Today’s brand isn’t about a one sided relationship, it’s about building a brand that cares about people.

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