Marketing Tip of the Day: Dealing With Negative Reviews

Marketing Tip of the day AvA Live RadioReviews are important. We make shopping decisions and measure credibility by feedback that we see online. You cannot please everyone all the time and even the best of the best receive some negative reviews. But did you realize that one negative review on your sales page can damage your brand and stop sales significantly. In this case, silence is your worse enemy. If a customer writes a negative review and there is no response from you, it can be interpreted that you don’t care about your customers satisfaction or concerns. Instead, neutralize a bad online review by contacting the customer privately to work through the issue. Meanwhile, proactively ask happy customers to write positive reviews for you.

Note: If someone has left you negative articles online via web page the best way to counter those reviews is to publish good content on the web to get stronger search results. Search engines will move most recent articles to the front of the searches so by posting newer articles you will move the bad reviews further out of the way.

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