Jax Daily Master Marketing Tips for DJs and Music producers

Jax Daily Master Marketing Tips for DJs and Music producers

Master Marketing Tips for DJ and Music Producers

Just as any musician or music creator must first begin by marketing themselves, it’s really important for a DJ to do the same.




99.9% of people starting a business from scratch don’t know what they need to market their business. Typically you’ll spend all your time getting your product right and figuring out what your going to create or sell but when it comes to actually selling yourself or the product, you fall short. That epic stall leaves you feeling sad and lost.

Well I have some important things that will help you get on the road to greatness. These tips with help you today so you can get started and stop feeling like the road ahead is up hill both ways. lol

NOTE: Be sure to listen to the podcast as I put everything in there.

1. Marketing tools that you will need
2. Brand Consistency around your name, platforms and narrative
3. Keep the content flow and on point with your brand narrative

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