Behind The Music with Michael Egleton on Situations

Behind The Music with Michael Egleton on Situations

“Situations” is a song of what can happen when a simple conversation can go side ways quickly and get out of control. Things are said that are not really meant. Words one may wish they could take back. Feelings are hurt. Hearts are destroyed.


Michael Egleton speaks with Jacqueline Jax about the personal side of an artist and how to approach that on live streaming video, especially when it comes to politics and religion.

We also discuss his new song ‘Situations’ with focus on how people in relationships need to be more mindful of the impact of your words on others.

Other topics include dealing with depression and bring yourself out of it.

Live Interview
Episode #600: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
host of A.V.A Live Radio
Band Name: Michael Egleton
Song name: Situations
Music Genre: Soul
I live in: Akron, Ohio
 Situations is the first release from the new Independent Project coming from Michael Egleton and Michael Egleton Music, In The Q, produced by Michael Egleton, Wes McCraw, Creekside Audio, Norton, Ohio and Samuel Haygood, N-DA-Groove Productions, Atlanta, GA.
This particular song was produced by Michael Egleton and mastered through the magic of the LANDR Music Artificial Intellegence Mastering Platform. Strings, Accoustic Bass and accoustic guitar carry the melody of this song while finger snaps carry the heartbeat with the extras that give the musical emotions a vehicle to travel in. Then there is the emotional voice of the singer, Michael Egleton, pleading the case for his “Situation”. Sounds of David Ruffen of the mighty Temptations or the late great, Isacc Hayes come to mind. Simplicity, emotions, and precise arranging are what makes this song stand out.

‘Situations’ is a song of what can happen when a simple conversation can go side ways quickly and get out of control. Things are said that are not really meant. Words one may wish they could take back. Feelings are hurt. Hearts are destroyed.

Jeff M. Writes, writes a perfect discription of the song in his article in Odd Nuggets,
“..Love on the rocks, drenched in nostalgia… Michael Egleton’s “Situations” hearkens back to soul’s golden age with flair. This track traipses the edge of consciousness in a haze of anguish.

Michael Egleton sings with the raw emotion of classic soul crooners – telling his tale of woe over an elegantly sparse arrangement.

“Jumped in my car, went to the bar…” A dim   lit bar room creaks as you enter. The gloom is cold welcome. Warmth is a shot glass. Gin’s no tonic for what ails you. ..Thoughts war within – threatening to escape to reality; transform into actions. Her eyes come back into view and you stand – dropping change on the bar before returning home. “It’s just a situation.” Egleton harnesses a lot of classic soul influence in “Situations.” Old and new converge. The spoken word segment feels like a Boyz II Men hat tilt, though they weren’t alone in such tendencies. Regardless, it helps carry the plaintive story and fits well in the song.”
– Jeff M. Writes, Odd Nugget (Feb 14, 2018)
Situations is not a song for the faint of heart. One must be real with themselves to listen to and understand the flavor of this song. Can I say the words, “I was wrong.” or “I’m Sorry.” Two of the simplest yet hardest words for some to say. You run to a place where opportunity abounds for something bad to happen. The bar. You see your cup of tea reading you like a book. “….. It’s Morning Time…” Where will you end up? Back in your bed like the song says or someone else’s arms when morning time comes? It’s just a Situation.


 My music is simple and yet mature, nothing too complicated, a straight and to the point sound that’s refreshing to today’s music. It’s shaped by my life experiences and what I may see through my eyes and hear through my ears. The emotions I may experience in any life situation. Relationships are a big thing in my music writing. Why? I don’t know. My instrumentals are just me playing my emotions and what I’m feeling at that moment, through my fingers.

My music is sometimes therapeutic for me. When I’m stressing, when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m hurting inside, my music is what soothes my savage beast.

 My latest independent release, coming soon, has taken me in many directions. Most all because of the time period in which it was written. I was feeling my juices and thought I was just going to sit down at the keys with my pencil and notebook and just let it flow and be done! Didn’t work out that way…. Things began to happen during the writing of this project which is why it has taken so long to finish. The first two singles released is the evidence of this. Things that were going on in my life at the time really shaped this project and the direction it took me!

My current writing direction has changed and morphed into so many things and feelings. I can’t even venture into how it may represent me and my life. As I stated before my music is inspired from life itself. Like the great Marvin Gaye said, “What’s going on…”

There was a point, after the death of my younger brother, 30 hours later the murder of my baby sister and months later, the death of my father, where I thought I was giving up music and everything that goes with it. I just couldn’t cope and I stopped the project and music all together. I really didn’t know if I could make it.


Then one day I decided to listen to a cut from the project. I began to listen to one of the cuts from the In The Q project and slowly, as in months, I got back into it. Only this time I was writing from a whole different perspective. I began to break songs from the project down and build them back up and they sounded totally different. The music you will hear from In The Q, is coming from a whole different place.

My direction has been affected by this project. It’s almost like it’s deeper, more spiritual, not as in church, although I do have a Gospel tune on the project, but spiritual as in trying harder to reach a person’s inner soul or inner man/woman. The place where only they retreat to. That place where the river flows quietly and deep. I now am trying to set my boat a sail on this place in ones life. This direction I like and think I’ll stay there a while!

 The piece of music advice that changed my music life was when another music professional told me,  “Mike learn the business for yourself. Don’t trust someone else to tell you things you don’t know. If your representation is discussing a contract about you, know every aspect of it.” The worse thing that can happen is for an artist to be sitting in a meeting concerning their music career and conversation is just going over their head! So I started learning the business, reading over the different contracts offered in the music field, like the 360 contract and all it entails. How it can affect the music career of an artist for years to come. Performance contracts, Licensing contracts etc. I’m still learning.
This profession is littered with the remains of artists who chose just to be on stage and let someone else handle their business. Once their career has passed on, they have nothing because they didn’t know.

Consider your future after music. PLAN AHEAD!!! Way ahead. The real deal with independent artists today is most of them are working jobs and trying to take care of a family like myself. It’s rough out here and very competitive!

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