Music Business News : The Rise of Amazon, Youtube and Internet Radio Podcasts for the Music Industry

Music Business News : The Rise of Amazon, Youtube and Internet Radio Podcasts for the Music Industry

The Rise of Amazon, Youtube and Internet Radio Podcasts for the Music Industry

Each year at this time, a research study comes out that is increasingly important in the digital media world and we want to bring you that important news as part of our continuous music news coverage on the Daily Jax.–Youtube-and-Internet-Radio-e1bql8/a-a34mvl

First is the rise of Amazon.

Amazon’s Alexa Music Strategy Is Paying Off

Even though they are a late comer to the digital music space, launching an MP3 download store in 2008 five years after Apple’s Itunes music store and the on demand streaming service Amazon music unlimited in late 2016 (5 years after spotify) Amazon is becoming a relevant contender. 

In fact, just today I was reading a report on Tech Crunch about the Amazon prime membership growing to 100 million paid members. That’s massive and certainly worth a mention when it comes to their forward march into music streaming against heavy weights like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Tidal.

But Amazon had a slightly different strategy. Enter Alexa and the Echo Device making it convenient and cheaper to get music on demand. 

Amazon charges Amazon Prime members $8/month for access to Amazon Music Unlimited instead of the usual $10/month for other paid services. It charges Alexa device owners $4/month for the service, though only for use on that device.

Turns out that strategy is paying off and smart speaker ownership has tripled since the last year, especially as smart speakers offered devices at a huge discount over Christmas in 2017 : with more than half of the owners buying into those Amazon devices. 

In addition, Google Home and Alexa devices can integrate with third-party services such as Spotify which is very convenient for music fans of the popular streaming service as well. 

So with all this excitement, who’s still reigning supreme? 

Well with all of the advertising and news stories about Spotify and amazon you would think they were winning but it’s actually not the case. 

Is Youtube still a leader in the music streaming business?

Youtube is the clear winner in the music space still today with a much wider audience and listener base. In addition, Youtube and Google teamed up many years ago making this duo the #1 for search and discovery of music among many other things such as DIY video and Vlogging. 

Internet radio and podcasting

Where does Internet radio and podcasting play into all of this? 

It’s interesting you ask because it’s maintaining a huge piece of the game. Am/Fm stations had to abandon their old ways and started to join the podcasting space offering their streams online in order to stay relevant. 

Both iHeartRadio and TuneIn are available on the web, through mobile apps, and on various devices such as TV streaming boxes, game consoles, A/V receivers, and smart speakers.

Honestly, they still have alot of catching up to do as people tend to identify with independent podcasting personalities who have less rules and regulations to follow much more than mainstream. 

In addition, podcasts that feature new indie talent like we do here at AVA Live Radio and original stories as well as learning podcasts are winning the space. 

So as a musician how do you get your music into this modern tech movement?



See what we recommend below:

  1. Signup and use a distributor to place your music on all the streaming sites : CD baby or TuneCore.

  2. Start a youtube channel: Look at my section on Youtube

  3. Submit your music to our station A.V.A Live Radio to get approved and see what kind of streaming and focus story options you can access to promote everything your doing and work with our music marketing team.