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– Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your help. I really enjoyed the interview! Paul J Clark
– Thank you so much for having me on your show Jacqueline Jax and thank you to everyone who listened, it means so much to me. Aymber

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  1. Wayne here.. dropping by to say Jacquelin I heard your latest show. Good interviews, good music, and you as a kind host asking interesting questions makes it all the better. I support you and think you are an interesting, talented artist not only in music but in fashion and I admire your passion for the arts. May you be blessed and thank for supporting artists.. I think your future shows are going to be GREAT!! Perhaps one day, I may be able to be a guest on the show.. AVA Live Radio.

    Like your interview video’s as well.

    Wayne Sanelli

  2. Wed, March 4, 2015 : Re: Today’s Artist Lineup:
    1. Allie Harte
    2. Michael Elton
    3. Barley Station

    Wayne Sanelli – Feed-Back/Review/Support

    First your in south Florida (Sunshine) yeah!!

    Allie Harte – A piano song – Sounds sort of live. Sounds like a nice song. I like the piano. And the notes she has built her tune around. The basic structure of the song. Allie sings slow sort of sad song with feeling/nice voice too. Relationships should be
    about communication and not manipulation. Bad attempts in songwriting.. yes .. it happens!! “Noodle around” – Yes that’s works. 1st draft – Songwriting.. 1st’s can be HITS or NOT
    And revamps are cool as well. I think it happens different for different artists/similar for others. Seen Billy Joel live.
    She mentioned Billy Joel.. beach boys GREAT!! Beatles Great Etta James.. WOW!! I had a similar experience with a tape being played when I was 16 years old.. While on vacation my cousin’s played Fernando by ABBA over/over while traveling a 24/hour trip. And man same effect as Jaquelin mentioned.
    Allie was a uplifting guest.

    Baby Baby Baby – Michael Egleton – Nice song. The tune has a nice relaxing rhythm pulse & feel. I like the singer’s Micheal’s voice. Sort a touch retro at times. “Love Boat!!”. Michael takes us on a journey. Blues / Jazz / Soul Akron, OH

    Great guest – Speaks about the music industry and how he is thankful for all the connections, producers, and so on. it’s true there is a huge amount of work behind the scene in
    preparation. Michael – Has an interesting musical story. Music runs in Michael family and Jeans. He got a guitar for Christmas at the age of seven. Supported by grand-dad. Michael does not read music but learned by ear. The host asked good questions..”Energy” – The inner man – Second Wind – Grab another grip as Micheal said.. true you do have to give a part of you… that’s what’s it’s about in conveying the song to the listener. As long as they have ears and you have “energy” then your on your way. Great guy!!! Cool positive interview.

    Barley Station – Interesting song.. Brian & Randy on.. “Cool story behind the song. Can relate some. Perhaps lots of people can.” The host gave the boys great feed-back and suggestions about getting their song out to different venue’s/places. Interesting discussion on the change in the music industry. They thanked their fans in China and elsewhere. Great story about how they meet. And they discussed the industry and the host gave them great input.

    Excellent show & interview’s Jacqueline. Good music played in the climax of the show. Wayne has listened!!! May your future shows only get better!!! & better “It’s getting better all the time”.


    Wayne Sanelli

  3. Support.. Listened to show AVA LIVE RADIO!!

    Episode #230 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax
    Broadcast in Indie Music 1 week ago (Today April 19/2015)
    Join host Jacqueline Jax for a Behind the Music interview broadcasting live from our South Florida studio.

    Today’s Artist Lineup:
    -8pm est: Matt Bolea
    -8:20pm est:Laurel Taylor
    -8:40 pm est: P’like
    -9:00 pm est: Skulls

    Matt Bolea – Heard his first song – Here’s to your thoughts!! Matt’s cool tune… I liked it. Steady and solid.. great voice. Interesting guest!! Interesting how Matt records… today there are many ways to record.. many interface types, and this issue can be huge. Learning is part of the process. “Blur” – Matt’s LP will be available on itunes soon, and it’s available on band camp now. The host said to give his three top songwriting tips. Not forgetting where you come from…true… Well Matt lives in a cool city… (Check him out!!)

    Laurel Taylor – Sounds Country and a nice radio friendly Country tune. Laurel has a natural singing voice. Nice lyrics and story unfolding in her catchy song…played by the host. Like the little hooks in her song. Solid band. “Guilty by association..” Line in Laurel’s tune… nice ending to this song… “We all make mistakes”… another cool line/song title. Laurel moved to Nash Ville to pursue music. There has been a discussion on Nashville and how nice the people are there, loving music.. Laurel met people from all over there..The host introduced the Co-Host to Laurel. Laurel’s Country LP came out a year ago.. Laurel is now working on an exciting pop LP. She appears to have said she was on American Idol. The host asks her about this. She tried years ago and retried again..Laurel is a Country girl and an interesting artist. Posted on her reverbnation site

    “Laurel Taylor – won the Alabama Talent Hunt in the High School Country category held in Birmingham, May the 19th. Congratulations Laurel! “.
    P’like – M.. from PiLike.. More of a slower electronic tune with experimental vibes and voice bits in the music. Nice. Interesting groove in the song… Her song is about hurt and hurtful things said back/forth and she wanted a soft grid against the harder one. She explains one of her video’s with the host and said how she worked in the gaming industry before. She is not doing the vocals. The host / Co-host told P’like that she could sing.. but she said she wants that level she is not yet able to deliver. She put’s down her idea’s through samples and idea’s. She put the song together using emotional content.. not all negative though. She said she’s all about being authentic and transparent. She seems to be a “thinker”. Great for he songwriting field. This was a very interesting interview and Jacqueline Jax said she will write about some of this data on her blog. Asked by Co-Host where she got the word P’like. Came from being kids..
    Skulls – Not dead yet!! Rocking tune!!! The tune has an interesting bridge… cool vocals. Jax’s had the band on the phone calling in from Kentucky. The guys talked about the the song was written and the LP. The band said they are
    getting a lot of airplay.. And they are exited about getting out and playing the LP tunes. They said there is no auto tune or pitch correct on this LP. They said they have their own studio at their producers house Nick. Jacqueline Jax – talked about wanting the imperfections left in her songs (Vocals). They have a bus and that was an interesting interview.

    Well I listened to your cool show again Jax’s AVA Live Radio, the climax tunes played at the end of the show. A good show with excellent question’s asked by the host and the Co Host was active in the interviewing process as

    The show only get better all the time!!!!

    Wayne Sanelli

  4. Wayne Sanelli – Support/Feed! (Heard Show)

    8.17 A.V.A Live Radio- New Music Monday with Jacqueline Jax

    Support Fans – Don’t need a ton of fans said Jax. True.. Just a few fans that are
    authentic is a good start. Reverb nation has changed over the years but it has been
    consistent in terms of charts being active. Some people complain..

    Song (1)

    Alyssa Trahan – “I Like It – This was exceptional and excellent right off the bat.
    yes WE LIKE IT!!! Country flavor with a pop feel. Radio radio and excellent
    lyrics. Sort of reminds me of Billy Joel’s “This is my life” but she likes it and
    so do we. She has faith… The hosts said she wrote over 80 songs and performed
    over 100 shows.. WOW .. Yep.. They like it..Never seen the video. True this song
    delivers well. I like it to…. yep!!!! The singer is from East Rochester New
    York. They talked about Instagram…. during the discussion after this song.
    Winds & Walls – “My eyes” Nice song. Sounds good. A relaxing song to listen too.
    Nice tune for driving and hearing over the air waves. I agree the song is
    beautiful. I liked some of those high register.. This is an indie pop alternative
    band. Jax believes it a brother & sister unit.. Yes life & Energy!! Kayla said
    she does not want to make too many comparisons.. Jax said she has connection
    between upper & lower range. There are some 3 guys in the band and her name is
    Rosie and she has a brother and then three friends as Kayla said..!!! People have
    been talking about Instagram walls as has been trending said the host Jax.
    Talk about face book interaction by Kayla Lay and she said she is learning from
    Jaquelin Jax (The Host). Jax said most of their photo’s are professionally taken.

    Song (2)

    Falling Red “We Escaped a cult” – Heavy title!! This started out with with a few
    bars of just guitar and vocals and then it went into a heavier rock song and
    it has some aspects of a James Bond type sound/hook here/there. Jax said there is
    a cartoon type video. Jax said they have a filter. Sort of like a cartoon filter.
    They are on Instagram.. Jax suggests the bands should Instagram more often.

    Song (3)

    Deedub – Sunshine : This is interesting.. this was a rap song with really nice
    music. I agree it is a relaxing summery type of song. Nod to Lorn Hill as Jax
    said. Good steady beat.. Solid.. Jax said this is a Husband & Wife team..

    Song (4)

    Acoustic Odyssey – “Tenderete”.. This was interesting. I like the choose of
    instrumentation.. Sounds like a movie them song. Maybe could fit a good western
    film. Nice song to end the show with.. I could hear idea’s in developing this a
    bit further although this is a really nice and interesting song. It has a little
    classical feel with some Country or folksy feels in there. I like the string
    instruments working along with the violin or strings. Beautiful Musical treat
    as Jaquelin Jax said… This was steady.. a bit fast in tempo and cool.

    Well it’s been a while since I dropped by and like always Jacqueline Jax is
    a nice kind host with some GREAT tips for the artists that come on the show.
    Nice hearing Kayla Lay (The Guest Co-Host).. Scope them concerts as Jax
    recommended..Jacqueline is sending them letters asking for MORE!!..

    Get out of them shells and Yes Kayla is right indie artists need Jax. She said she
    is an introverted heart (Jax) and she said in high school she did many things in
    school but really broke out after her mother made her do a fashion show. Later she
    did back into public speaking. She is telling artists to step up to the plate and
    as Kayla said Jump into the deep end so, people lets get out there… bless you

    Folks tune into AVALIVE RADIO and Jax GREAT SHOW AS ALWAYS..

    Interesting show and I LIKE AVALIVERADIO… PEACE & LOVE

    Bandcamp Site Wayne Sanelli

  5. We are so grateful that we connected with AVA Live Radio and Jacqueline Jax. Your honest and friendly advice along with your incredible marketing ideas have been a blessing to us. We love watching and listening to all your New Music Monday shows as well as your Behind The Scene streams. We look forward to more connections with you and wish you the best in all that you do.

    1. Your very welcome. We love having you in our music community and appreciate all of your helpful contributions. Thank you for sharing your insights on the shows and being such active members.

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