Music Marketing Tips for Indie Artists

Music Marketing Tips for Indie Artists

Are you in need of some awesome music marketing strategy that really works? We got into some real conversations with artists who have tried it our way and reported back with amazing success. Give these a try and tweet us  thank you. @AVALiveRadio


Start Getting More Plays on Soundcloud

Let’s break down a good music marketing strategy that will set you apart form the rest of the pack and get you more plays on soundcloud.
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How to grow on instagram April 2018 : Growth Hacks You’ll love

How to grow on instagram based on the April 2018 Algorithm. It’s not only important to understand how to grow but you now have to understand how to grow based on this months latest changes in the Instagram Algorithm. 
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Using Instagram Stories to drive traffic to your music and videos

Using Instagram Stories to Reveal Sneak Peeks of your story. Sneak peeks of what’s coming up is perfect for instagram stories. These little bites provoke interest and enhance the connection between you, your projects and…
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How to become an influencer on instagram

How to become an influencer on instagram. Becoming an influencer on instagram isn’t easy just because you have alot of competition but with a strong personal narrative and amazing content ideas, you can still get…
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How Spotify Playlists are helping indie artists gain more exposure

There’s a lot of talk these days around music streaming subscription services and how they will impact the music business. Especially in the way these Spotify playlists are helping indie artists to gain exposure.

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