New Ibby Album Cross Your Heart

New Ibby Album Cross Your Heart

Boston singer songwriter Ibby launches her second full length Album, “Cross Your Heart”. Much has changed from this young butterfly as she shows growth in both her songwriting and vocal abilities. Each cherry picked story written from her “bedroom floor” embodies a teens life unfolded yet with early maturity. As a songwriter, Ibby is definitely stretching her wings diving deeper into lyric than every before.

As you listen to each story, you can imagine her sitting in the back seat of the car somewhere between Virginia and Tennessee, waiting at the airport or sitting in her room strumming her guitar.

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11:11 & 88 Keys sit closely tied together by a summer fling.
“This song is about a summer fling that I had as a sophomore with a senior guy. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to writing a happy song about a relationship because I was really into this guy, but super nervous because I knew it was probably a bad idea. I wrote this song while on a road trip to Nashville with my Dad, so the references to Nashville came from those moments. I actually ended up getting sort of cheated on, so the ‘sequel’ song is “88 Keys”

“See Through” spoke the most to me as the lyrics are exceptionally perceptive and understanding of over coming lifes struggles with a simple melody and clear vocal.

“You Bettered Me” is a beautiful story that embraces longing and appreciation for love in a fragile and unexpected way.

With a springy strum of the guitar, “Breathin” and “My Dear” will leave you addicted to hitting replay. If you love folk songwriting, you’ll enjoy the light hearted melodies and sticky lyrics.

“Pier 17” brings you back to those carefree years of youth with spirited licks that remind us all of what it was like to fall in love for the first time.

“In the sky” is one of Ibbys songs which demonstrates a more analytical maturity which I feel could pave the way to her next album as she begins to become more in touch with her place in life and how effected we can become from living it.

I highly recommend downloading the album and letting the full selection wash over you. Ibby promises to make you feel right at home and welcomed with her music. You’ll certainly enjoy pouring through the relatable stories and feel drawn in by each song.

I look forward to the up coming music videos, live streaming performances and of coarse her future work.


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