Band Name: Quetzalcoatl Band

Name of song: Nubian Queen

Genre : Rock/ Tribal Latin Rock

Quetzalcoatl Band is a 5 piece Tribal-Latin- Rock band from Riverside CA The band has a short life of 2 years but whith a new album and non-stop giggig all over Southern California their fan base just keeps growing and growing. Pablo Luna put the band together in 2015 along with Jesse Melendrez. The band expressess the chicano experience in todays society. Their sound is a fusion of Rock, Latin and Meso-American and African rhythms which encompass the true nature of Latin- Americans in Southrn California. The new album “La Catrina” is an album filled with heavy guitars in the midst of tribal sounds and percussion. Nubian Queen is the first single off of the album and is prime example of the new Latin Rock sound.