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Join host Jacqueline Jax as she speaks with talented musician and songwriter Johnny Juarez. Discussing his new album: August Avenue, the trends in the music business, writing a song from your heart, and Billy Joel. With a live music spin from artists all over the world.

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1. Three things that would surprise you about me.
My favorite kind of food is Korean BBQ.. there’s something about the taste that I really enjoy. I’m a big Lost fan and pretty much anything by JJ Abrams. I used to work as a baggage handler at Toronto international Airport and really enjoyed being around planes.

2. I have mixed feelings about the music business.
On one hand I feel like there are so many ways to connect with your fans, produce videos, record and get out there. At the same time I feel that consumers feel overwhelmed and saturated with all the music that is out there that the perceived value of music has dropped. I used to enjoy buying albums and enjoying the entire project as opposed to just buying the songs that you hear on the radio. The good news is that I feel like I am getting closer each day at figuring out how to connect with people and help them experience my music for it’s lyrical content and the stories associated with them.

3. Three words that describe you.
Fun, Bright, and Pumped. Life is too short to take yourself serious and humor is a great way to connect with people. My lyrics and music will also have a bright positive message in it.. it will make you feel better and I hope that I can make people excited about their selves and the relationships around them.

4. Single most influential is a tough one.. but I would have to say it’s Billy Joel. I love his songwriting, energy, and the variety of themes he has written about.

 5. My goals are to continue writing songs that people will use as the soundtrack of there lives. My songs will be heard by a lot more people across the country and the world. Besides currently writing, recording, and touring I also run a music school called the Rock Zone and I help other budding songwriters learn the process of being developing artists. As of July I am relocating to Nashville and I have promised myself to be open to learning new things there.

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