Band Name: Austin Colón
New Single: Fall Back into Place

Genre / Sub-genre : Indie rock
Looking out on the edge of Mass Ave. tonight.

Cigarette smoke smoke swirls in the air, underneath the slowly dying night. Our own little heaven here. Street lights flicker through your window, and the morning is drawing near. When you looked right through me, I knew our time had passed. A synergy left incomplete. On the wall, a frozen moment lost, but in here the nerve still exposed.

Home I’ll find you, in the darkness, and the distance drawing near. It feels like the more that we try, we lose the heart and the trust. It feels like the stories we built up have become too much.

It feels like its too much to handle, fall back into place. Watching as the buildings blur and through this window pass. A road leads to somewhere unknown. A

ll the feelings swelled inside of me, arise as the wave starts to crest. I push them back down, in the darkness, and the distance closing in. Just love me as long as you can while I push you away.