New Release from Charleesa ‘Things to smile about’

Band Name: Charleesa

Name of song: Things to smile about

Genre: Pop : Posipop – Sunshine pop – Power pop

British-born singer songwriter Charleesa opens the heart and mind through mellifluous melodies and intimate lyrics that she delivers with the passionate sincerity of a crusader and the sensitivity of a healer. She desires to inspire people with her current repertoire which is written with an optimistic source, we feel, we dream and ultimately we want to be happy. These songs are as elevating as they are evocative.


Delving into the world of pop, her vocals & harmonies swim amongst electronic beats & sound effects; all this whilst fusing her sound with different genres enables her to reach a wider audience with her influential music. Songs chosen for this debut album are motivationg, inspiring & empowering She uses the playbacks created in the studio for her shows and also works with musicians who accompany her at acoustic events. 

The original recordings of some of these songs are on her Soundcloud and were all recorded in England & India from 2013-2017 though they were written and sung live long before that in various locations around the world including at the famous Goan Saturday Night Market, at The Electric Pagoda in Kathmandu, Nepal & in pubs in Kent, UK.

She has been writing songs since she was 14 years old & was always singing as a child with her mother around the home and on open stages. The pre-planned next album will contain her tales from the heart songs about romantic entanglements & inter-personal relationships. She also has a collection of different themed songs for a third album and many part finished scribblings & vocal recordings. She has been singing sections of her songs over dance music in Goa, successfully fooling friends & listeners to believing that it was already part of the music!

She describes her musical style as eclectic, genre fusion & no boxes pleases – ‘I am free rainbow bird without a cage!’