Band Name: Electrockrat AKA Omer Goren

Name of song: Ready To Leave

Genre: Indie Rock / Alternative / Ambient / Experimental / Psychedelic

Electrockrat Feat. Roi Levi – Ready To Leave Lyrics – Omer Goren AKA Electrockrat Music – Omer Goren AKA Electrockrat & Dotan Moshanov Music Production ( Recordings, Mix & Mastering) By Dotan Moshanov First of all, in this new release, Ready To Leave, Omer Goren also known as Electrockrat is featuring the singer/songwriter Roi Levi, a very well known and respected musician in Israel. The main sound difference at Ready To Leave’ music production compared to Electrockrat former releases ‘Sometimes’ & ‘Fade Away’ is a strong dream pop vibe, compared to the more rocky sound of the other releases, but it still touches upon more alternative elements that are a big part of the project Electrockrat. Behind The Lyrics Of The Song Ready To Leave The main subjects of ‘Ready To Leave’ are about the period of time that occurred in Omer Goren’s life a few years back (2015) when he had to quit his daily basis job as Security Guide & E.M.T because of a knee injury. Unfortunately in the months after the injury developed into a chronic pain disorder and made Omer commit himself completely to a career as a musician. A few months before the injury Omer had a big romantic relationship that came to an end and really affected Omer’s life, a song about lost hope the brought a new life!