New Single by Nat Berhanu ‘Sign Post(Break The Fear)’

New Single by Nat Berhanu ‘Sign Post(Break The Fear)’

Band Name: Nat Berhanu

New Single: Sign Post(Break The Fear)

Genre / Sub-genre : House/Dance Pop

This song is about a strong desire a person have about the one he/she loves. It is not about just physical desire attraction but friendship as well. Specially about a person who one loves or has strong desire for. Some people have the guts or courage to say it but this song is about the one who has kept it in so long to tell the person he has feelings for and one day it just blurts out frantically and luckily the opposite sex responds. Hi my name is Nat Berhanu and I am King Of Electronica. A multi genre artist who is also a keyboardist and guitar player.I learned to play music by ear and continued through out the years by practising, writing lyrics etc.. I was in high school bands and participated in talent shows in high school. In 2016 I picked up electronica music and has continued on ever since.